Cancellation Policy

1) The transfer services must be cancelled 24 hours before the service, to receive a full refund of the payment made.

2) For schedule modifications or any other type of change it is necessary to make them before 18:00 the day before your service, after this time modifications may be conditioned.

3) Refunds made by credit card can take from 3 to 30 days to be reflected (This depends 100% on your bank), refunds made through PayPal can take up to 5 working days.

4) If your arrival flight is delayed, we will be aware of your arrival, however, we are not responsible for a rescheduling of service if you have missed your arrival flight and no refund applies, the rescheduling of the service will be subject to availability.

          a) In the event that you miss your flight, please notify us instantly to extend the chances of rescheduling at no charge (This applies as a same-day change request.).

5) We will be aware of the flight that you have provided us in the system, if you arrive through another flight you must notify them before taking off from your country of origin.

          a) If you are traveling with a group of friends and they arrive on different flights, you must provide us with the last flight to arrive.

6) If your return flight to the airport is delayed or cancelled, Mayan Heaven is not responsible for the decisions of your airline, therefore the rescheduling of your pick up is subject to availability since it counts as a same day modification (As indicated in section #2 of this article).

7) Pickups in different terminals have an additional cost of $5 USD, dropoffs in different terminals have no cost.

8) In your arrival flight we will consider the time the flight arrives, plus customs time plus baggage pickup (Approx. 40 minutes) if it is taking more than 40 minutes it is important that you notify us.

9) In the case of the departure pickup to the airport we consider the travel time plus 2 hours for documentation, if you wish to reduce the time to arrive earlier to the airport, it is your responsibility.

10) In your departure pickup, the maximum waiting time is 15 minutes after the scheduled time, then we reserve the right to apply "No Show" (We recommend you to check out 15 minutes before your pickup time). This effect does not apply a refund.

11) If the unit does not have a car seat and you do not wish to board the unit, this is considered as a cancellation on your part and Mayan Heaven cannot assume this cancellation as our responsibility, but of the client who decided not to take the service.

12) In order to guarantee your safety, you must present your official identification (ID, driver's license, passport) when boarding, this in order to guarantee that no one else takes your service.

13) Disputes made in an unjustified way will have a cost of $30 USD.