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Quintana Roo 109, Q.R., Mexico

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Regular transportationUnidad1
Regular vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$115.00$230.00
4 - 7$115.00$230.00
8 - 10$135.00$270.00
11 - 15N/AN/A
Platinum transportationUnidad1
Platinum vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$150.00$275.00
4 - 7$150.00$290.00
8 - 10$160.00$300.00
11 - 15N/AN/A
Deluxe transportationUnidad1
Deluxe vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$205.00$410.00
4 - 7$205.00$410.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
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Total reviews: 4Rating: 3.3
Jimmy Williams
First off...I have been coming to Sandos properties now for 14 years. However, this was my 5th year here at Sandos Playacar. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. First...I do want to say that there were some positive things,,, the workers (restaurants and bellboys). The workers at the restaurant were great...never wanted for nothing, Secondly, the bellboys,,,Nelson, Ruben and Luis...awesome bunch of guys,,,always accommodating. Entertainment was ok. Now onto what my issues are with the resort,,,that being customer service. If I had to rate it, it would be less that zero. When the former director of this resort, Luis Ramirez was still there, EVERYTHING was on point. He was walking on the property all the time and talking to the visitors. Sorry to say, but since he has left, this resort has really taken nose dive with the customer service. A few examples....I called the front desk to get some things needed for the bathroom that were not there...and already had dinner reservations. Front desk told me that these items will be there in a few minutes,,,an hour later, I called back...they said that they would have someone brings these items up. Another hour goes by...called back...same thing. I finally went to the front desk, and they said that they should be there by the time I got back to the room...30 minutes hour later...yes. 2nd scenario...same thing but only 2 hours...2 hour to get coffee for the room, seriously? Then it was time for check out.I got to the desk around 1230. Nancy was extremely kind. However, I discovered that I left my special soap in the room. She told me that I could either go get it, or they could call housekeeping, and they would send it up. I asked her i she could just call housekeeping, which she did. It was 1255 and almost time for me to leave the property and go to the next resort, which was Sandos Caracol. I asked Nancy what was going on, and that is when one of her coworkers named Natahlie stepped in, Bad mistake on her part. I felt very insulted and felt like I was talked down to. She knew I wasn't a happy camper. So I asked to speak to the director. I was told that he was not there. I then asked for the manager, which was Edgar. He came out and we went to the side so we could talk. He tried to diffuse the situation the best he could. I had several workers at the resort tell me that they very rarely see the director...maybe once every 6 months....seriously? speaks volumes to me being a repeat visitor. I did tell Edgar that I may not be back...just because of the customer service. Sad thing is...I went to Caracol....treated like an absolute King..Mr. Moreira, who is the director of Caracol has recently broke his ankle and had a cast on riding in a scooter and roaming the property, Playacar...time to step it up and take some lessons from Mr. Moreira and Sandos Caracol.
a year ago
Victoria Figueroa
The cleanest hotel with more contingency measures, very good activities, especially the super kayak tour with instructor Raúl Estrada. I would go back without hesitation.
2 months ago
luci rodriguez
a year ago
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