Transportation from/to Catalonia Costa Mujeres All Suites & Spa

PUNTA SAM LOTE 006, Carr. a Punta Sam SM 006-MZA 002, ZONA COSTERA, ZONA CONTINENTAL, 77400 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

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Opening Hours
  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours
Phone number
Phone number: +52 998 881 2300
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About our transportation

Welcome to Mayan Heaven, The Cancun Airport Transportation provider. We are a company that provides transportation to Catalonia Costa Mujeres All Suites & Spa in Cancun and Riviera Maya, we take care of each of our customers from the first contact, when we provide private, safe and reliable Transportation from the Cancun Airport to Catalonia Costa Mujeres All Suites & Spa and all the Riviera Maya keeping in touch with you.

We understand that your trip is very important for you, for this reason we have all the hotels in our system using Google Tools and we track your flight to make sure that we will be waiting for you on time on your arrival or to schedule your Cancun Transportation from your hotel or condo to be on time on the airport.

We are a Reliable Transportation Company that uses the technology to provide and excellent service.

When you book your transportation from Cancun Airport to Catalonia Costa Mujeres All Suites & Spa the travel time is around 00:50 hours and when you book your transportation from Catalonia Costa Mujeres All Suites & Spa to Cancun Airport the pick up is scheduled 03:20 hours before, because we considerate 2 hours for documentation at the Airport

Private transportation Rates

Rates includes taxes and are for private transfers

Regular transportationUnidad1
Regular vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$35.00$70.00
4 - 7$35.00$70.00
8 - 10$55.00$105.00
11 - 15$90.00$175.00
Platinum transportationUnidad1
Platinum vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$45.00$80.00
4 - 7$55.00$85.00
8 - 10$70.00$100.00
11 - 15N/AN/A
Deluxe transportationUnidad1
Deluxe vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$75.00$140.00
4 - 7$75.00$140.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
VIP transportationUnidad1
VIP vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$88.00$160.00
4 - 7$88.00$160.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
Escalade transportationUnidad1
Escalade vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$150.00$290.00
4 - 7$150.00$290.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
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These reviews are based on what people think about Catalonia Costa Mujeres All Suites & Spa, they are not based on the private transportation service

Total reviews: 498Rating: 4.2
Alexander Gribtsov
This resort is a flat 3 star resort but I in my honest opinion can’t even give it that based on my experience. We have stayed in many resorts in Mexico throughout the years and this place is definitely one of the worst.Details: Alcohol is served 11am to 11pm no exceptions whatsoever and that’s the story of this place with everything. No exceptions for any request. There is only one restaurant operating in the resort and you can eat there only if you make reservations but there is a catch... to make a reservation you have to get up at 8:30am and get to the reservation desk and hopefully you are not at the end of the line because you will not get a reservation. There is no booking reservations for the next day so if you miss your chance to get in the reservation line before 9am you are SOL. If you are one of the lucky few, and you get a reservation, the service in the restaurants is very slow and unprofessional. Drinks were brought out at random, in fact last night we had a party of 6, the waiter didn’t even ask what I wanted to drink, he just kept bringing tequila shots for the table at random. The night before, once we got to the desert part of the dinner we were asked to move to a different room and then left for 30 minutes before we just walked out. Service for everything is so slow and anything you ask for the staff make you feel like they are doing you a favor. It’s such a shame because the grounds of the resort are gorgeous. The mini bar in the room is embarrassing, no 5 star resort has 2 Coronas in the fridge and that’s all. The two beers in the fridge are proportionate to the star level of the resort. Anyway, I’m sharing this honest review and experience in hope to save anyone that read this from having to go through this awful experience. Be ware my friends, if you are looking for a wonderful vacation for you and your family, you will not find it here.
a month ago
Amber Marie
PLEASE READ this if you are thinking about staying here!! So I just want to start off by saying this is my third trip to Cancun since July and this is my absolute worst experience ever! I was supposed to stay at this resort for four nights but we ended up leaving after the second day because it was just so terrible. I’m 22 and the best friend that I came with is also 22 and we were treated HORRIBLY by 99% of the staff. Just from more reference I’m light skin and my best friend is dark skin and we were looked at everywhere we went on the resort like zoo animals. Room service is a really big part of the resorts I choose and they advertise it, but upon arrival at the hotel they let us know that they are not currently doing it right now. Out of 12 restaurants that they have on the premises only one is open and you have to wake up at 8:30 AM to go to the concierge to make a dinner reservation. They have a buffet that is open for breakfast lunch and dinner but it honestly is not that good. We also went to the concierge to set up dinner reservations and in the middle of talking to myself and my best friend she walked up to another lady and ask her if she needed help while she was helping us. She had the most poor attitude and we were so nice to her. She also gave us a dinner reservation for 8 and told us that was our time, but when we got to the restaurant the host told us that our dinner reservation was for 6 and we were so confused. Literally this resort is so horrible if you are not of “certain origins” you should definitely not stay here. I’ve had amazing experiences at every other hotel I went to and I’m so happy that we left it saved my trip!
3 weeks ago
Brenda Hernandez
Our family and friends had an amazing time. The hotel and staff was amazing. The pool entertainment team was fun. Alejandro (kid sitter) did a good job with the kids. My kids had a lot of fun with him. We went in October during the pandemic time and felt safe. The staff was always wearing a mask. None of us got sick.
6 months ago
Joanna Korakianitis
Me and my Family were here the first week of Dec 2020 and as you can imagine with Covid of course things were a bit different. With that said this was still an amazing experience! the Staff was friendly and very accommodating. Even though a lot of the restaurants were not open they still had a good amount of variety of food available. There is pretty much food and drinks available all day ( we had the ALL INCLUSIVE ) It was my daughters birthday and they helped make it extra special, i was able to order a cake and for dinner the staff treated us like royalty!
4 months ago
Derrick Devon
Very good customer service minus when my wristband got loose and fell off, they wanted to charge $50 to replace until I could find it and by that time it was too close to checkout so I went days having to get security each time I wanted to enter my room. Good food mostly and good friendly entertainment.
8 months ago
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