Transportation from/to Mia Reef Isla Mujeres

Islote El Yunque, Zazil-ha s/n, Centro - Supmza. 001, 77400 Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico

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  • Monday: Open 24 hours
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Phone number: +52 998 999 2050
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About our transportation

Welcome to Mayan Heaven, The Cancun Airport Transportation provider. We are a company that provides transportation to Mia Reef Isla Mujeres in Cancun and Riviera Maya, we take care of each of our customers from the first contact, when we provide private, safe and reliable Transportation from the Cancun Airport to Mia Reef Isla Mujeres and all the Riviera Maya keeping in touch with you.

We understand that your trip is very important for you, for this reason we have all the hotels in our system using Google Tools and we track your flight to make sure that we will be waiting for you on time on your arrival or to schedule your Cancun Transportation from your hotel or condo to be on time on the airport.

We are a Reliable Transportation Company that uses the technology to provide and excellent service.

When you book your transportation from Cancun Airport to Mia Reef Isla Mujeres the travel time is around 00:50 hours and when you book your transportation from Mia Reef Isla Mujeres to Cancun Airport the pick up is scheduled 03:20 hours before, because we considerate 2 hours for documentation at the Airport

Private transportation Rates

Rates includes taxes and are for private transfers

Regular transportationUnidad1
Regular vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$35.00$70.00
4 - 7$35.00$70.00
8 - 10$55.00$105.00
11 - 15$90.00$175.00
Platinum transportationUnidad1
Platinum vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$45.00$80.00
4 - 7$55.00$85.00
8 - 10$70.00$100.00
11 - 15N/AN/A
Deluxe transportationUnidad1
Deluxe vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$75.00$140.00
4 - 7$75.00$140.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
VIP transportationUnidad1
VIP vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$88.00$160.00
4 - 7$88.00$160.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
Escalade transportationUnidad1
Escalade vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$150.00$290.00
4 - 7$150.00$290.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
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These reviews are based on what people think about Mia Reef Isla Mujeres, they are not based on the private transportation service

Total reviews: 3,065Rating: 4.5
Daniel Martinez
This place was good 5 years ago and has continually gone downhill. Let me start by WARNING you all, do not buy into the “membership”. All you are doing is giving up your hard earned cash. The food is terrible, the service is eh and the hotel is old and in major need of repairs. A lot of the staff that made this place worth visiting is now gone or working at much nicer and newer hotels.I do not recommend this place other than for the location. It has the best “family” friendly beachfront and that is all it’s has going for it. We have been coming here at least 3 times per year and now are looking to find a new place we will visit frequently. Many, many other restaurants and hotels that are ages beyond Mia Reef.Oh, not to mention there hasn’t been hot water all day and they don’t seem to care. I called to ask what is going on with the water as we haven’t had any since 5 when we tried to shower. It’s now 10:10pm and I’m writing the review after asking receptionist about the water. They said it’s been out all day and maybe tomorrow.
a month ago
Ingrim M
Ask around and the locals will tell you families have drowned in this reef!! I didn’t stay in this hotel however I visited the Mia Reef by the bridge to see the giant fishes swim and BEWARE the current is strong! My family and I got pulled by the current to deep end of the ocean and we were drowning!!! The strong tide wouldn’t let us swim to reach the shore. Thank god for the floating rope we reached in the deep end. Horrible experience. No lifeguards around. There are no signs/warnings of the strong water current anywhere on the Mia Reef beach. This location is NOT SAFE FOR SWIMMING IN THE AFTERNOON!! NOT WORTH THE RISK!!
a month ago
jeimmy galindo
The resort was not what I was expecting, the rooms are so small, bed is hard and uncomfortable, pillows are the worst. The hotel needs to do a major renovation in the rooms and the beds, feeling comfortable and a good sleep is very important in a resort I was very disappointed in the rooms. Service was okay, in their website did not mention at any point that their only bar was closing at 10 pm the entire time we were there, we were very disappointed that they were no entertainment after 10 pm. The only restaurant that was open the food was okay the buffet food was better. I will recommend the resort to spend money in a major renovation in their rooms. The only good thing about this resort is the beach. I will not stay at this resort again.
5 months ago
Cesar Gerena
From checking in the guy responsible for our stay when we are there assumed that my husband is my son - offensive, later on when he found out he made a joke and I quote “Oh, so you’re spending all his money”. His name was Jose or how he said to call him Jay Jay. Starting from this moment it took him like 20 minutes writing down with a pen all the activities and all the prices for them - exhausting and long progress. Just print this out on papers for the guests. Gave us wrong villa first, trying to convince us that was ocean front, they changed it. Food was really bad, but not as bad as the drinks that were made out of bad watery alcohol and sugar. You need to make reservations for “fancy” restaurant only in person and only at 9am at the lobby the same day... absolutely ridiculous. Anyway, the food there was old and preheated so don’t bother make reservations for there, it will be as just as bad as the buffet. Gave us bikes for which you need to leave your ID there, like they don’t have copies of our passports already or it’s like we are gonna take these old bikes to the ferry and leave our luggage behind and take them to the airport or something, absolutely ridiculous. The bike was piece of ... the chain fall over a hundred times, it was a disaster going back to the hotel. No one was cleaning in front of the villa on the stairs were leaves and sticks from trees and plants at all times. Broken umbrellas and too much more to have the space to describe! Real unpleasant hotel.
3 months ago
Pennie Dahl
We took our 2 adult children and their significant others,6 of us total. It was beyond amazing! We stayed in the villas. Felt like a true island paradise. The villas were nice with plenty of room. Comfy beds too. Only thing I didn’t like was the lack of hot water showers, warm at the most. That was about it. The food was very good. Different foods offered every day at the restaurant. The beach was thee best thing about it! Not crowded at all. We snorkeled whenever we wanted. Walking down Playa Norte beach (very crowded) made me so happy that we had our own private beach. The staff was top notch!!! We were treated like royalty. Beto, Benjamin, Paco, and all the rest of the staff were extraordinary. They truly made our vacation that much more memorable! We plan on making this a yearly trip! I have a hard time imagining any location better on the island to stay. Waking up to watch the sunrise every morning with the waves crashing literally at the foot of our rooms was breathtaking! It did not disappoint! I loved the boutique resort feel of the Mia. It filled my bucket list right to the top!
2 weeks ago
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