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Carretera Chetumal Avenida Benito Juárez Km. 309 Playa Paraiso, 77710 Riviera Maya, Q.R., Mexico

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Opening Hours
  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours
Phone number
Phone number: +52 984 877 2800
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About our transportation

Welcome to Mayan Heaven, The Cancun Airport Transportation provider. We are a company that provides transportation to Iberostar Paraiso del Mar in Cancun and Riviera Maya, we take care of each of our customers from the first contact, when we provide private, safe and reliable Transportation from the Cancun Airport to Iberostar Paraiso del Mar and all the Riviera Maya keeping in touch with you.

We understand that your trip is very important for you, for this reason we have all the hotels in our system using Google Tools and we track your flight to make sure that we will be waiting for you on time on your arrival or to schedule your Cancun Transportation from your hotel or condo to be on time on the airport.

We are a Reliable Transportation Company that uses the technology to provide and excellent service.

When you book your transportation from Cancun Airport to Iberostar Paraiso del Mar the travel time is around 00:30 hours and when you book your transportation from Iberostar Paraiso del Mar to Cancun Airport the pick up is scheduled 03:00 hours before, because we considerate 2 hours for documentation at the Airport

Private transportation Rates

Rates includes taxes and are for private transfers

Regular transportation Unidad1
Regular vehicle
Persons One Way Round Trip
1 - 3 $40.00 $75.00
4 - 7 $40.00 $75.00
8 - 10 $60.00 $115.00
11 - 15 $100.00 $195.00
Deluxe transportation Unidad1
Deluxe vehicle
Persons One Way Round Trip
1 - 3 $105.00 $195.00
4 - 7 $105.00 $195.00
8 - 10 N/A N/A
11 - 15 N/A N/A
Escalade transportation Unidad1
Escalade vehicle
Persons One Way Round Trip
1 - 3 $150.00 $290.00
4 - 7 $150.00 $290.00
8 - 10 N/A N/A
11 - 15 N/A N/A
Round Trip
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Total reviews: 4,253 Rating: 4.8
karen stachowski
Amazing beach yoga and massages on the beach! Isis Coach was an amazing instructor and started our mornings off In peace and bliss. She reminded us to remember the peaceful feeling of doing yoga on the beach when we go back to the stresses of our daily lives 😄 the massages I had in the beach were the best I've ever had. I had previously written off getting massages on vacation/at resorts because they were so bad but they gave me a 5 min sample and I was hooked. I think the second massage I booked was even better than the first! If you are looking to get away/relax and pamper your self this is the place to go!
in the last week
Maria Kim
We were super excited to stay here due to a positive review from friends of ours, but it ended up being extremely underwhelming. We had a medical issue prior to traveling and were advised it might be better not to travel if possible, when we spoke to the hotel about it they said we should send a doctor's note and they would see what they could do about a refund. We sent the doctors note and a different hotel rep said all they could provide us with was hotel credit, since we're about to have a baby that wasn't really a viable option, so we decided to go. The day after we checked in we received an email that they had been able to cancel our reservation and provide us with a full refund. The day AFTER we got there. We spent a good portion of our day at the front desk and no one could provide an explanation as to what had happened and why we'd been given two different answers. They just said they'd charge our credit card for the room again. That was day 1. The fact that we couldn't swim in the ocean or really be near the beach without the smell of the sargassum being overwhelming also didn't help. Although, they had cleaned up a good portion of it by the time we left. I realize this is just mother nature, but it would've just been nice to have a heads up so we could plan ahead.We hung out a lot by the pool until we found a dead mouse floating in it. That pretty much ended swimming for us on the trip.The food at the buffets and restaurants was pretty average. It didn't change up all that much throughout the week. The best part of our trip was definitely the Spa which we visited on our last day. The staff was friendly enough and tried to be helpful, but a lot of times we were given inaccurate information. Overall, it was really just a mediocre experience and we wouldn't use Iberostar again or recommend it to others.
9 months ago
Noah Calhoun
I’m leaving a 4 star review for Brenda the restaurant manager of all the reservations only restaurants at this all inclusive resort. She was SO helpful. She came around and ask us how we were and after our steak meal and she offered a additional reservation to a French restaurant, it was great. She met us at the front desk and the rest of the staff took great care of us. At the end of our meal she came out and checked on us. She was so GREAT at both restaurants. I’m so thankful for her, because she can speak English, that helped out our party that doesn’t speak Spanish! Thank you Brenda! Noah.
5 months ago
Joy Rosen
This was a nice vacation. Not my favorite place to come but the staff was nice. The check in was difficult. To many rules. When we checked in they told every thing we could not do. It was a great time with my daughter no no matter what.. Lucia was fantastic. She was my favorite staff! She is so personable.
2 months ago
Julia Brzozowska
I think hotel Iberostar Paraiso del Mar is one of the nicest hotels I had the pleasure to spend my holiday in :) The employees are extremely polite, easy to talk to and very helpful (special thanks to Wendy, Anahí, Axel and Luis for being the best ❤). The whole resort is clean, pretty and despite its huge size it gives you the sense of intimacy. Food was also good and varied. However, the highlight of the show was surly the wild animals that live on the premises of the hotel! I would definitely recommend this beautiful place.
9 months ago
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