Transportation from/to Casa del Puerto by MIJ

Sm 12 Mza 17 Lote 4-1, 77580 Puerto Morelos, Q.R., Mexico

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Quick information

Opening Hours
  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Phone number
Phone number: +52 998 478 6242
Website: Click here to go to their website
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About our transportation

Welcome to Mayan Heaven, The Cancun Airport Transportation provider. We are a company that provides transportation to Casa del Puerto by MIJ in Cancun and Riviera Maya, we take care of each of our customers from the first contact, when we provide private, safe and reliable Transportation from the Cancun Airport to Casa del Puerto by MIJ and all the Riviera Maya keeping in touch with you.

We understand that your trip is very important for you, for this reason we have all the hotels in our system using Google Tools and we track your flight to make sure that we will be waiting for you on time on your arrival or to schedule your Cancun Transportation from your hotel or condo to be on time on the airport.

We are a Reliable Transportation Company that uses the technology to provide and excellent service.

When you book your transportation from Cancun Airport to Casa del Puerto by MIJ the travel time is around 00:30 hours and when you book your transportation from Casa del Puerto by MIJ to Cancun Airport the pick up is scheduled 03:00 hours before, because we considerate 2 hours for documentation at the Airport

Private transportation Rates

Rates includes taxes and are for private transfers

Regular transportationUnidad1
Regular vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$30.00$55.00
4 - 7$30.00$55.00
8 - 10$50.00$95.00
11 - 15$80.00$155.00
Deluxe transportationUnidad1
Deluxe vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$80.00$150.00
4 - 7$80.00$150.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
Viano transportationUnidad1
Viano vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$88.00$160.00
4 - 7$88.00$160.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
Escalade transportationUnidad1
Escalade vehicle
PersonsOne WayRound Trip
1 - 3$130.00$250.00
4 - 7$130.00$250.00
8 - 10N/AN/A
11 - 15N/AN/A
Round Trip
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These reviews are based on what people think about Casa del Puerto by MIJ, they are not based on the private transportation service

Total reviews: 161Rating: 4.3
Stanislas Côte
A high standing king's suite for us at a reasonable price with friendly staff, access to te beach, a pool, etc. We had a special request for the chef and she didn't fail! Smaller than other complex, more intimate.
2 months ago
Kitty Pommer
Bed bugs. I really wanted to like this place. Unfortunately I had to check out after one night on 06/01/21 and had an embarrassing amount of bites on my face. I had to check into a five star resort looking like this and having my clothes in a trash bag until they could be washed. Hotel management was nice but I have a hard time believing this was a recent infestation due to the amount of bites.
a month ago
Santana Dominguez
When you get here the receptionist greeted herself and welcomed us and was so nice she gave us a tour of the hotel, was very informative about things we should consider doing while we stayed in cancun and even had gotten someone to help bring our groceries up to our room..Something I would like to mention is ifYour an older couple who are trying to get away from it all?.. Maybe even want some privacy?..Well here awaits a very eager to help and friendly staff..your peice of heaven on earth also the area is very quiet...The room was very spacious and the sheets smelled great someone was definitely cleaning them with some great smelling detergent and softener and does not smell like bleach like at some American hotels in the states..Your right on the beach with an AMAZING view..The AC worked amazing, our bed felt nice and firm and wi-fi was really good since I uploading videos and photos back home and calling family with no issuesSomething I would also like to mention to people that I've seen review and are not experienced with COMING TO MEXICO IN GENERAL.. and leaving bad reviews is to explain some Cons that I've also noticed but I feel people fail to understand..(I'm an American with Mexican parents and have been to mexico plenty of times)When we first pulled up yes it did smell like eggs me and my fiance were confused and asked the very nice receptionist why it smelled like that and ofcourse she explained that around may to August there is a season where seaweed gets super congested all around this whole area that stretches even to the north end of cancun witch eventually dies out and washes out to shore...The place has an elevator but unfortunately it didn't work but I was glad the staff had corrected this by having someone help us bring our stuff up..The road situation...Many people don't understand how hard road construction is even in the states..And yes to get here there is first a 2 lane road witch brings you to a very huge resort area you take a left and the road begins to get thinner I am an experienced stick shift driver and was driving well.. so if you suck at driving even with an automatic idk bud it's tough world out there for you I guess...But yes it is a gravel road that stretches out to the hotel and im sure eventually would end up getting paved eventually but ofcourse this hotel is to small to cover an expensive of road construction just for people to get here...
a week ago
Eduardo Artiga
This hotel is alright, but they have a lot to work on- first the smell inside the rooms is bad, I had to ask plenty of times for towels etc.. the main road to get to the hotel is horrendous (full of holes) away from the main road.. which is crazy since there are many great resorts next door to them and I just can’t believe how they haven’t come To an agreement to fix that road with so much money being generating from all those big top resorts. Next time for sure I’ll be staying away from this area.
6 months ago
Miracle Jackson
BEWARE!!!! Whatever you do do not stay here it’s very dangerous. If you value your life please I beg you do not stay here. Yes the pictures are beautiful but this place is deceitful. My sister and I were kidnapped and held hostage here because we refuse to pay for the free breakfast that is advertised at check in they told us the breakfast was free and we went down to eat the chef told us it was free. Also it is advertise that they have a hotel shuttle when they absolutely do not. It’s done a long sketchy road through the jungle pretty far from the main highway. And once we arrive there was only one of the guest staying something just like out of a scary movie. We woke up the next morning we were covered in mosquito bites and when we tried to leave early to catch an early flight there was a huge lock on the gate and we were trapped inside. I went to the office no one answered. Breakfast was supposed to start at eight it didn’t actually start till nine. And not in the contract nor did anyone verbally confirm that a second glass of orange juice or seconds on food is extra it was all advertised as free. So as were checking out Front desk clerk Efren demanded that we pay for his mistake. We said no it doesn’t say this in the contract and you didn’t tell us that so we’re not paying for it and we went to our car. He followed us to our car he tried to open our door and he blocked us from leaving him in another man who is kind a tall with a cockeyed. They stood in front of our car blocked us in banging on the hood the trapping us in not letting us leave. We called 911 while in the car but the language barrier was extremely difficult to convey what was happening the 911 operator told us to stay there as were screaming telling her that it’s too dangerous they’re kidnapping as we have to go. We were finally able to maneuver around them and take off. I’m so grateful to be alive because this could’ve turned out way worse. So please whatever you do especially solo travelers do not stay here there are plenty of other hotels resorts hostels Airbnb‘s that are a lot safer.
9 months ago
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